We always have a need for non-perishable goods as well as garden produce, eggs, processed beef and deer meat. Ask us for our latest needs list or call us to schedule a food drive.

Your generosity allows us to fund the missions we operate and support. We are a 501(c)3 corporation and as such, your contribution is tax deductible. 

Make a tax-deductible donation.

Volunteer to serve.

We are looking for volunteers serving clients and delivering, sorting and stocking food. Hours are flexible! Please let us know your availability and we'll match you to a need we have. We have a great team and you will provide a wonderful help to the community!

Please email us and let us know that you want to help!

Pray for us.

Volunteers needed!

Opportunities abound for you to support Open Hands

Be a business or corporate sponsor.

Open Hands Community Food Pantry

Donate food or sponsor a food drive.

That together we can eliminate hunger in Anderson County.

We serve hundreds of families in Anderson County every month. Our mission is to connect person-to-person, understand their needs and pray for their concerns. We would love to have your join us!

Your commitment will allow us to make plans to reach more ppeople in the company. Call us to explore the possibilities.

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